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Rockland Council on Alcohol and other Drug Dependencies (RCADD)

Rockland Council on Alcohol and other Drug Dependencies (RCADD) works closely with the Rockland County community and school systems to provide information, education, and assistance to those facing the disease of addiction. RCADD is been a partner with the Foundation since the beginning, co-sponsoring seminars for addiction and treatment professionals and helping with outreach in the local school system.

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American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

Visit this site for a wealth of information about addiction, including education, statistics, and sponsored events. There is significant data on the recent trends in opioid addiction and treatment and resources for anyone suffering from addiction.

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Westchester Medical Center (WMC)

The hospital system is a premier partner with the Foundation and has worked closely to develop a joint seminar series focusing on issues related to addiction in young adults. Seminars are held at least once per year, and attendance is for treatment providers, addiction specialists, and community members interested in topics.

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Featured Image is a web resource that provides information and support for individuals and communities fighting against substance abuse and addiction. From educational guides for parents and college students to investigative pieces searching for the cause of opioid epidemic and addiction recovery stories, our resource offers a plethora of information for those in need.

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The Recovery Village

The Recovery Village located in Palm Beach County in Florida provides a personalized approach to drug and alcohol addiction. Through treatment, therapy, and recreational amenities, clients are offered customized care and support from expert clinical and medical staff. Focused treatment aims to help clients learn and apply new skills for lasting recovery. To learn more, please visit their website

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Drug Crisis In Our Backyard is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families struggling with addiction. The organization was originally started in 2012 by Susan and Steve Salomone, and Carol and Lou Christiansen, after the loss of their sons to a battle against herion. They seek to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and help families that are still struggling by promoting awareness of drug use, assisting individuals and their families, and implement measures to hold accountable organizations perpetuating drug use through over-prescription.

To learn more about the story behind Drug Crisis In Our Backyard, and the resources and support the organization offers, please visit

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A Better Life Recovery

For anyone on the West Coast seeking help, A Better Life Recovery is located in Southern Orange County California. The rehabilitation center specializes in adult men struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral issues, offering a comprehensive approach to recovery. This includes traditional addiction treatment, individualized therapy, medically assisted treatment, and reintegration assistance. To learn more, please visit their website

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Alcohol Addiction Center

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Scottsdale Recovery Center

Arizona’s Scottsdale Recovery Center is a trusted treatment center, offering inpatient and outpatient services to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The addiction treatment center includes a comprehensive assessment in order to tailor treatment to specific needs. In addition, the dual-diagnosis facility offers two specialized programs, one for young adults (18-35) and one for adults (35+) to focus on long-term success in recovery. To learn more about the different types of therapy, accepted insurance, and the staff, please visit their website

Healthy Hearts and Minds has a mission to make healthy living accessible to all by providing easily found and useful health resources across the web. Their approach to accomplish this mission is three fold, through accessibility, awareness, and community. Among their resources available, they have included a drug rehab guide for addiction and mental health. To learn more about types of drug addictions, treatments, medications, and more, please visit their website

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Stephen Hill, Speak Sobriety

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of our lives have gone virtual as we practice social distancing to stay safe and keep those around us safe. Stephen Hill of Speak Sobriety is continuing his three phased approach – listen, learn, talk about it – to prevention through storytelling and open discussion in a virtual manner. Stephen is offering virtual programs in the form of town hall meetings, assemblies, and breakouts for students, educators and parents. To learn more or to contact Stephen, visit his website here.

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